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Poppamost CIC is a brand new company aiming to bridge the gap between unpaid work and getting Northern actors and writers those star studded credits. 


Despite having 13% of the UK population, a whopping 63% of actors live in Londonbut not everyone can afford to move or travel for these opportunities. Neither can they afford to volunteer their talent in order to 'boost their CV' and be offered said opportunities.


Our aim is to scout out the best new creatives the North West has to offer and give them the platform they need, right on their doorstep. Our shows offer: Profit share (at least 5% per creative), Flat fee (namely writers), Time-based (including but not limited to workshops, rehearsals and performance)

As well as this, each creative should benefit from the marketing and publicity of each show. This includes individualised marketing material (actor profiles online, dedicated section in each programme) and the option to invite industry professionals to the show they've written or are starring in. After the performance, we will always provide references for future employment.  All of this, we do this at no extra cost to the actor and/or writers.












We know a lot of talented creatives in the North West go unnoticed or are unable to thrive in this industry. We want to show off what we up 'ere have and help boot their foot through the door of opportunity. And naturally, make fantastic shows while doing it.

The whole process of working with Poppa’most was a positive experience. Everything from the suitability of the rehearsal space, well-chosen performance venue, timely and varied publicity plus pizza/prosecco treats was very welcome. The company commitment to profit share and financial transparency was made clear from the audition process onwards and with four shows, two quickly selling out, it was great to have benefited not just artistically but financially too. I had lots of fun rehearsing with this new company and genuinely admire their ethos, energy and commitment to creating new performance work in the North West. - Michelle Gilliver (Oomph 2021)